Penn Avenue Renovation

In an effort to implement our own vision by spearheading a design and construction project, we identified, purchased, designed and renovated a building along Penn Avenue’s arts corridor. Since its inception, we worked with ELDI, the BGC, the URA and Bridge-
way Capital to purchase the building. Originally classified R-3 under city zoning codes, we changed the occupancy to allow for ground floor offices for our architectural firm while we live in the 2nd and 3rd Floor dwelling unit.  We have incorporated green features in the renovation, including a green roof deck that is planned for the top level of the residence and a shower/ changing room to support employees who choose to bike to work . We received LEED-CI Gold  certification for the office spaces.

We conceived of this project as a prototype for future development projects.  Renovation of existing vacant row house along Penn Avenue Arts Corridor.

LEED-CI Gold commercial space

Single residential unit, green roof, double height space

Experimented with spatial organization, materials