Second Floor Addition
Project Architect: Freddie Croce

The structural challenges for this addition to a mid-century Sears Kit home for artist Italo Scanga and his wife Su Mei Yu were addressed simply by disengaging the addition from the original house.  The project was the brain-child of Jim Brown and Jim Gates of Public Art and Architecture.  Freddie Croce was Project Architect for this AIA Award winning addition in 1999, which essentially set a new building atop and around the existing one story home.  The foundation of the original was inadequate for any new loads so a new foundation was built 4 feet away and the new floor “floated” above the existing ceiling.  The interstitial space remains as a reminder of the structure above but also as space for the artist’s sculpture.  The owners required only a large studio space and bathroom and that the addition be low maintenance, so materials were chosen for durability and simplicity.